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Greenough is located on Prescott Street, half a block from two other freshman dorms. Built in 1922 as an apartment building, its 90 residents enjoy some of the nicer first-year accommodations, with hardwood floors, large windows, and views into the green courtyard behind the building. Residents in singles, doubles and triples share hallway bathrooms, while residents in six-person suites have in-suite bathrooms. Aside from being well-known for its peaceful atmosphere, Greenough also enjoys close proximity to the Freshman Dean’s Office, the Expository Writing Program, the Barker Center for Arts and Humanities, and Berryline.

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Hurlbut, built in 1959 and home to 60 students, has some of the most desirable housing on campus. On one end of the building there are large singles clustered around a common space, forming a “pod.” On the other end of the building are spacious six-person suites. Hurlbut residents benefit from close proximity to Lamont, the 24-hour, undergraduate library, the “Kong,” a fun restaurant that serves food late into the night, and the Barker Center for Arts and Humanities, including its picturesque lawn on which students often picnic and study on warm days.

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Pennypacker, built in 1959, was originally constructed as an apartment building; therefore, the dorm’s layout consists of a wide, spacious stairwell around which all the suites are arranged. This arrangement, according to one past resident, “makes for a tight, intimate community” where “everyone knows everyone” within the first few weeks. The sociability of the dorm also tends to create intense dorm pride. The suites themselves have large enough common rooms for people on the floor to come hang out. The rooms are primarily doubles and quads and all have in-suite bathrooms. Finally, residents enjoy Pennypacker’s close proximity to the Freshman Dean’s Office, Berryline, as well as many other establishments in Cambridge.

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Wigglesworth, built in 1931, was previously home to Bill Gates, Leonard Bernstein, and Ted Kennedy. As one of the larger dorms, "Wigg" is divided into three buildings with 10 vertical entryways, the smallest of which is known as the "Wigglet" (the other two buildings are affectionately known as the “Mid Wigg” and “Big Wigg”). All rooms have in-suite bathrooms and lovely hardwood floors. Wigglesworth is known for its easy access to stores and restaurants along Massachusetts Avenue, such as J.P. LicksPanera, and Au Bon Pain, as well as Widener and Lamont Libraries.

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