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Canaday, which houses 255 students as well as the Harvard College Women’s Center, is Harvard’s newest and largest freshman dorm as well as one of the most conveniently located in the Yard. Residents are able to get to both Annenberg Dining Hall and the Science Center in less than a minute, and many other classrooms as well as the University Plaza are close at hand. Canaday is divided into seven vertical entryways consisting of a variety of suites from singles to sextuplets. Some rooms on the top floors also have skylights, which give them great natural light. Canaday’s courtyard also serves as a great space for all students to congregate.

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Built in 1870, Thayer lies at the heart of Harvard Yard and its residents enjoy close proximity to Annenberg Dining Hall, the Science CenterWidener and Lamont Libraries, as well as the University’s Plaza. Freshmen in Thayer share doubles and triples with spacious common rooms and hall-style bathrooms. The building's wide hallways and elevator allow residents to get to know each other well, contributing to the fact that Thayer is often a very social dorm with tight-knit community. Famous former residents include poet e.e. cummings and actor Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

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