There are five pre-orientation programs, and housing is provided for all of them. Meals are provided for all programs except for Fall Clean-Up which provides dinner only. All programs occur simultaneously the week before Harvard orientation begins. You may only participate in one program (with an exception: FIPpers can also do Fall Clean-Up). FAP begins on Tuesday, August 16, 2016. FOP and FUP begin on Wednesday, August 17, 2016. Fall Clean-Up begins on Thursday, August 18, 2016. (Fall Clean-Up workers are required to arrive either Tuesday, August 16 or Wednesday, August 17.) FIP begins on Friday, August 19, 2016.

Financial Aid

Substantial financial assistance is available for students who participate in FAP and FOP, the two programs that charge a fee. Last year, over 40% of FOP and 50% FAP participants received financial assistance to make the program more affordable. Aid amounts vary based on financial need. The financial cost of FOP can also be offset by renting equipment for a modest fee (this fee is waived for anyone eligible for Harvard College financial aid). Cost should not be a barrier to participating!

Orientation Programs

Fall Clean-Up (FCU) with Dorm Crew  

FCU is a Harvard tradition that dates back more than half a century. Over the course of five days, FCU welcomes more than 300 first-years to Harvard to forge lasting friendships and earn hefty paychecks (more than $500 in 2016!) while cleaning freshman dorms and upperclassman houses before the school year begins. By day, 30-40 upperclass captains lead crews of 10-15 first-years across Harvard’s campus. By night, we host a variety of fun events where you can get to know your classmates, learn your way around Harvard and Boston, and hear from upperclassmen about their Harvard experiences. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the summer, but spots are limited and fill up fast. 

First-Year Arts Program (FAP)

FAPFAP is a week-long, multidisciplinary introduction to the arts at Harvard and beyond. FAP brings together 70 incoming freshmen who are passionately involved in various aspects of art, enthusiastic about sharing their interests, and eager to learn about the experiences of their peers. The week centers around workshops and master classes given by resident and visiting artists - working professionals from around the country - in drama, music, theater design, studio arts, visual arts/film, dance, and creative writing. The week culminates in the "FAP Pageant," a collaborative presentation of entirely original student work. Applications should be postmarked by Friday, May 6, 2016. The application consists of both a simple written application form and an artistic supplement. Visit the link above for more details and mailing information.

First-Year International Program (FIP)

FIP is a four-day orientation program in which 35 FIP leaders mentor incoming freshmen and introduce them to Harvard life, providing participants a platform to adjust to their new college environment in the United States. International students and U.S. citizens who have studied most of their lives overseas are strongly encouraged to participate in FIP. If you are eligible, you will receive an invitation and registration instructions in April 2016. If you do not receive an invitation but feel you should be eligible for the program, e-mail fip@fas.harvard.eduThe invitation to participate in FIP explains how and when to accept a spot in FIP. 

First-Year Outdoor Program (FOP)

FOP is Harvard's largest and oldest pre-orientation program. Groups of 7-10 first-years are accompanied by two or three leaders, and spend six days hiking, canoeing, or performing trail work in the scenic wilderness of Maine, New Hampshire, or Vermont. The outdoors provides an excellent learning environment where cooperation, initiative, and reflection lead to the development of a strong community and to personal insights that are helpful even in the urban setting of Harvard. Many participants come to FOP without prior outdoors experience. Trips are designed for all levels of experience and fitness. Registration is due online by Friday, May 6, 2016. Visit the link above for the application and more information.

First-Year Urban Program (FUP)

FUP provides an introduction to community service and activism at Harvard and in Boston. FUPpies and their upperclass leaders spend their days volunteering with Boston-area non-profit organizations. At night, groups come together for dinner, speakers, films, discussions, and social events. FUP helps participants learn about their urban environment while providing space to share ideas about social responsibility and the potential for change through action. The application is an online form and should be completed by Friday, May 6, 2016. The application asks for basic contact and personal information, as well as short essays. Visit the link above for the application and more information.