Common Room Reservations

Yard Common Rooms may be reserved by members of the first-year class for events that either welcome the whole Class (standard events), or are only open to invited guests (private events). Yard Common Rooms may not be reserved for events hosted by student organizations.

Standard Event Reservation Process and Requirements

Standard events must meet the following criteria:

  • Open only to first-year students who would like to participate
  • Has a purpose or theme
  • Alcohol is not present
  • Events must be limited to three hours in length
  • Date of the event is at least one week later than the date of the request

Reservation requests must be submitted to the Dean of Students Office at least one week prior to the requested date, and must include the following information:

  • Name of event host(s) assuming responsibility
  • Harvard ID number(s) of host(s)
  • Cell phone number(s) of hosts(s)
  • Title and description of event (for inclusion in Yard Bulletin)
  • Date and time requested (note three-hour limit)
  • Number of guests anticipated
  • Top three Common Room choices (list in order of preference)

Please note that all standard events approved for Yard Common Rooms will be advertised in the Yard Bulletin.

Private Event Reservation Process and Requirements

  • Complete the reservation form by 3:00 pm the Thursday before your event to request permission
  • Each common room can be reserved Friday or Saturday for a 3-hour time block ending not later than 1:00 am
  • Events must be first-year focused
  • Be mindful of College regulations about noise, cleanliness, alcohol, and other drugs; failure to adhere to these guidelines will lead to actions taken by the DSO 
  • First Year FUNds may be available to help cover expenses for your gatherings

Host Expectations

As the host of any event in a Yard Common Room, it is your responsibility to:

  • Be present for the duration of the event and be accessible via cell phone.
  • Confine the event to the reserved Yard Common Room. Events may not overflow into the entry, and entry/suite doors may not be propped open.
  • Ensure the conduct of all guests is orderly, observing the policies in the Handbook for Students, and that residents in proximity to the Common Room are not disturbed by the event.
  • Ensure standard events are closed down by 11:00 pm, Sunday – Thursday, or 2:00 am, Friday and Saturday; ensure that private events are closed down by 1:00 am on Friday or Saturday.
  • Collect and remove all trash when the event is over. Clean the floors if necessary. Report any damage to Yard Operations. (Damage in the area will be assumed to have been caused by guests and will be the responsibility of the hosts. Hosts may be term billed for cleaning expenses or damages associated with an event.)
  • Return furniture to its original configuration if moved during an event. Take caution, as some furniture is very heavy.