Can I add more than four courses to my schedule?

By vote of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, first-term freshmen are not permitted to enroll in more than four courses (the only exception is for music performance classes). This restriction is lifted in the second term, and students may take up to five courses without permission of their Resident Dean of Freshmen. But students are reminded that the normal course load is four per term. 

Do I have to take the course that is recommended in the score report?

Placement recommendations are ultimately recommendations, that is, students are not required to take courses for which they are recommended. Students make course selections based on the cumulative courseload and in consultation with their academic advisor or faculty in the academic departments. Therefore, students may take courses a level above or below placement recommendations.

My AP and/or IB exams are not displaying on the Placement and Test Scores Report – what should I do?

Students are asked to send a copy of the AP score report or IB diploma to the College over the summer. Scores appear in the Placement and Test Scores Report in mid-August each year. After logging in, if a student finds that scores are missing, they should reach out to the Registrar’s Office with the following information for Advanced Placement:

Are my AP or IB scores useful even if I am not eligible for Advanced Standing?

Yes, as mentioned above, despite the fact that Advanced Standing is the only means for using AP and IB scores for acquiring college credit, AP and IB scores not only help the College place you into the correct course level, but they can – with the right score – enable you to bypass introductory level courses (without credit).