Important Move-out Information

May 1, 2018
Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Dear Members of the Class of 2021:

We write to provide important information regarding move-out.

Move-out Deadline and Gate Schedule
  • Students must be fully moved out by 12:00 pm on Sunday, May 13, 2018, at which point HUID cards will be deactivated.
  • Yard gates will be open for move-out at designated times from Monday to Sunday, May 7 to 13.
Key Return
  • Later today, you will receive a key return envelope in your HYMC mailbox. Please use this to return your key.
  • Students checking out during business hours should return their key to Yard Operations and be checked out by a staff member. Please remember to bring your Harvard ID.
  • Those checking out after hours should put their key in the envelope and return it via the mail slot in the Yard Operations main office door.
Packing and Storage
  • Please take all personal belongings with you and remove all trash, compost, and recycling.
  • Avoid using garbage bags for packing as they can be confused for trash.
  • Place usable but unwanted items such as furniture, electronics, household items, etc. in the Habitat for Humanity donation bins in the trash/recycling room or outside at either Boylston-Weld or Canaday-Thayer.
  • If you prefer not to take all of your belongings, the College recommends a private storage service such as College Boxes. Limited storage is available in some of the Houses, but students should check first with their House Administrator for details.
  • Sweep/vacuum floors, remove all posters, as well as poster gum from the walls, and report maintenance requests.
  • Every year some rooming groups leave behind a mess because they run out of time to pack. Please be considerate of your fellow students working Dorm Crew by leaving your room in clean condition.
Mail Forwarding
  • Before departure, forward your student mail since the Harvard Yard Mail Center is used by the Harvard Summer School beginning in June.
We hope this information is useful, and wish you a very enjoyable and productive summer.

With best wishes,
Freshman Dean's Office