Preparing for Spring Term

January 25, 2019
Dear Members of the Class of 2022,

Happy 2019! As you return to campus and get ready for the spring semester, we wanted to share a few highlights for the upcoming term.

Reflecting on the Fall Semester

As you think about spring term courses, we encourage you reflect on what specific experiences you enjoyed or struggled with during the fall term.

Questions to consider:

These are great questions to discuss with your academic adviser as well.
  • Was there a particular reading that sparked your interest?
  • Was there a problem set that upon completion gave you a strong sense of satisfaction?
  • Was there a project that you were proud of or shared with your family and friends over the break?
  • Did you feel challenged in your courses or perhaps you were overwhelmed by the volume of work?
Exploring your Academic Interests

Choosing courses for the spring term provides you with an opportunity to continue to explore and refine your interests. We also strongly encourage you to begin reaching out to concentrations early in the spring semester.

There are several ways to learn about courses and concentrations:
  • Visit a concentration at the Advising Corner table in Annenberg. Information about when concentrations will be tabling can be found in the Yard Bulletin each week.
  • Attend an event for pre-concentrators hosted by a concentration. We will post information about these events in the Yard Bulletin and on the Advising website.
  • Schedule a meeting with a pre-concentration adviser or visit a faculty member during office hours. Contact information for pre-concentration advisers can be found on the Advising website.

Connecting with Faculty

The First-Year Experience Office offers multiple opportunities to connect with faculty outside the classroom. Be sure to mark your calendar for this spring's events!

  • Gober Family Uncommon Fare Dinner Series: Enjoy a dinner in the Faculty Club with a variety of special guests including faculty, deans, and more! View a list of dinners on the First-Year Experience Office website. An invitation will be sent out next week.
  • Spring First-Year Faculty Dinner: Save the date for Tuesday, February 26, 2019, from 4:30–7:30 pm. Get to know your professors over a formal meal in Annenberg!
Helpful Academic Resources
  • Curricle is a new tool developed by the metaLAB (at) Harvard that you can use to find your Spring 2019 classes before you register in my.Harvard! Explore the Harvard curriculum through engaging visualizations, search courses by keywords, and plan your semester schedule. Curricle is beta testing in Spring 2019, so please provide feedback.
  • Academic Advising Report: The my.Harvard Academic Advising Report now contains information about the new General Education requirements launching Fall 2019.
  • Syllabus Explorer: This is a great new tool that can help you to explore a wider range of courses by searching syllabi.

All the best for the Spring 2019 semester!

Lauren Brandt
Associate Dean of Students

Anne Marie Sousa
Director of the Advising Programs Office