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Grays, built in 1863, is often referred to as the Harvard Hilton due to its central location, spaciousness, hardwood floors,and large picture windows with excellent views of historic Harvard Yard. Past residents include Natalie Portman and Frank Rich. Home to about 100 first-years, Grays consists of three vertical entryways whose “walk-up” architecture contributes to a strong sense of community. Suites are grouped into quads and quints with in-suite bathrooms and large common rooms. Grays also houses the Serenity and Mindfulness Room, where students can find peace away from the stresses of college life. Residents also enjoy close proximity to Massachusetts Avenue and student favorites like J.P. Licks and Mike's Pastry.

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Matthews, completed in 1872 and named after Nathan Matthews, was home to Matt Damon, Chuck Schumer, and Senator Barney Frank. Thanks in part to two main foyers in the building, first-years within the dorm get to know each other well. Situated in the heart of Harvard Yard, Matthews suites are doubles or triples with shared hallway bathrooms and spacious suite common rooms. Matthews also contains the Ecker Reading Room, a cozy space for relaxing and studying, and two large practice rooms with pianos that are perfect for collaborating with friends. Many past residents say they will really miss Matthews’ centralized location, with its view of the Yard and its proximity to student hubs like Cafe Gato Rojo, Starbucks, and CVS.

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Weld – constructed in 1873 through donations by shipping magnate William Fletcher Weld, in memory of his deceased younger brother, Stephen Minot Weld – was home to President John F. Kennedy during his first year. Consisting primarily of quints and sextuplets with a mix of in-suite and hallway bathrooms, Weld also boasts long open hallways and an elevator, making it a very friendly dorm. A hidden gem on campus is Weld's sun-filled "observatory" at the top of the building, a great study space with unparalleled views of campus. Bustling with activity, Weld basement is also home to Yard Operations and Dorm Crew, where one goes for toilet paper, free CFL light bulbs, or to ask for help with a problem relating to your room. Many remark that one of the best parts of Weld is its proximity to “everything important” at Harvard including Widener, the John Harvard statue, and Harvard Square.

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