First-Year FUNds

  • Dorm-wide Socials

    Plan an event for your whole dorm, such as a masquerade or super bowl party

  • Corn Maze

    New England's Four Seasons

    Plan a trip outside Harvard to experience New England's four seasons

  • The Games People Play

    Plan a board game night - with food - in one of the Yard Common Rooms

  • Dorm Socials

    Activities for the Entire Entryway

    Celebrate a great year with a special study break, outing, or entryway dinner

Your Idea + Our Money = Awesome Events

First-Year FUNds can be used to support a social event, cultural activity, or local excursion planned for first-year students, in which the DSO covers the full or partial cost of the event. Although First-Year FUNd events tend to be smaller-scale events (under 50 people), first-year students are encouraged to open the event to the entire class as a way to meet other first-years.

How the process works

1) Who is eligible for a First-Year FUNd?

  • Proctors
  • PAFs
  • First-year students

2) Think of an event you would like to plan and host that others might also enjoy.

  • Where you will the event take place?
  • When is the ideal time?
  • Who is likely to come?

Events organized through the First-Year FUNd program usually cost between $75 and $100 and are held in one of the many common spaces in the freshman dorms. However, other options, such as an off-campus outing or event, are possible, so be creative!

3) Complete the First-Year FUNd proposal form to notify the DSO of your proposal and request for funds. The DSO will set up a meeting with you to discuss the proposal and potential budget.

If you have not heard from the DSO within one week, contact Seren Ozkan.

4) Host the event!

5) Follow up with the DSO to finalize reimbursements and share feedback about the success of the event.

Questions can be sent to the Dean of Students Office.

Frequently Asked Questions