Orientation, which begins on move-in day and concludes the day before classes, is the official welcome and orientation to Harvard.


Common Reading

Please make sure to finish the Common Reading text prior to Orientation.

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The Omni App will be your go-to resource throughout Orientation. 

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Campus Map

Orientation Map

Find Orientation program locations and learn about Harvard history.

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The full Orientation Schedule is live in the Harvard College Omni App!

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  • Move-in Day

    Proctors and PAFs eagerly await your arrival on campus. Move-in Day is August 27, 2019.

  • Strong Support Network

    Administrators in the Dean of Students Office and Advising Programs Office are here to support you throughout your first year

  • Get to Know Proctors and PAFs

    Upon arrival, your Proctor and Peer Advising Fellows will offer support and advice on personal, social, and academic matters

  • Discover Your Academic Passion

    It’s okay if you’re not sure yet what you want to study. Proctors, Advisers, and PAFs will help you discover your interests.

  • 50 Ways of Viewing and Speaking with the World

    Harvard has 50 concentrations and over 50 academic departments. You will learn about them all during Orientation.

  • Convocation

    Signaling your official start in the College, Convocation!

About Orientation

During Orientation, students begin to learn about the values of the Harvard community and the opportunities and responsibilities associated with being a member. Most importantly, it is a time to get settled, meet peers and advisors, and consider how to explore and pursue one’s intellectual and personal interests. Although there is much to learn, there are many students, faculty, and staff who are ready to offer advice and support throughout the transition to Harvard.

Bear in mind, too, that Orientation is just the start of your introduction to campus. The first year offers countless new experiences – many of which will be exciting and meaningful, some of which will be challenging and difficult. The goal of Orientation is, not to prepare students for all of these moments, but rather to enable them to discover the full range of what can be done as a Harvard student and how to find support when needed. Welcome!