Video Projection Equipment

The Dean Of Students Office, through Media and Technology Services (MTS), loans a projector, powered speaker, and small screen to first-year students and proctors. Perfect for entryway movie nights or for big sporting events, the program can bring together many people to watch a big event.

Eligibility and Cost

The projector and auxiliary equipment are available at no cost, but the program is available exclusively to first-years and proctors. Please note, due to the high value of equipment, MTS has set aside only one projector for this program; should it be lost or damaged, the program would end.

How Do I Borrow the Equipment?

To reserve the equipment, send an email to the Dean of Students Office at least two business days in advance, and include the following information:

  • Name, email, and phone number of the person borrowing
  • Date and time of equipment pickup
  • Date and time of equipment return
  • Where the equipment will be used and stored while in your possession

Upon receipt of all necessary information, the DSO will contact MTS to make the proper arrangements, and will then confirm with the student or proctor requesting it. Once you have received confirmation, you are all set!

Other Important Information about the Equipment

  • Equipment may be picked up between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm from the MTS Office in Science Center Basement.
  • It must be used and stored in a first-year dormitory or other Harvard College building and cannot be removed from campus.
  • The equipment is heavy and awkward to carry, so you may wish to have a helper with you when you pick it up.