Chance Bonar

Hello! I'm Chance. I'm a PhD candidate here at Harvard in the Committee on the Study of Religion, with a particular focus on early Christian and Jewish history. I live here with my partner Anca, who studies religion and history in colonial America at Harvard as well. Prior to moving to the Boston area, I was born in Iowa, grew up in southern Minnesota, and spent a couple years in Connecticut. I've worked a range of jobs over the years, from serving ice cream at Dairy Queen and scraping gum off of elementary school desks to archeologically excavating an ancient Jewish synagogue and cataloguing some of Benjamin Franklin's letters. Outside of working on the PhD and as a Proctor, I enjoy (choral) singing, hiking, and visiting museums and galleries. We're looking forward to meeting you all!

Meaghan Borys

Meaghan Borys

Welcome Class of 2023! This will be my fifth year as a proctor in the Yard and my twelfth year enjoying HUDS meals. I graduated from the College in 2011, via Canaday, Eliot House, the Government and WGS departments, PBHA, and various theater productions. I then moved to California to soak up the sun and earn myself a law degree. You are most likely to see me out and about, playing with our adorable and enthusiastic black lab puppy and Thayer mascot, Lucky. We’re looking forward to meeting you all!

Robert Bowden

Robert Bowden

Born and raised in North Jersey, I graduated from Harvard College in 2013 (Kirkland House!) with a degree in computer science and secondary in mathematical sciences. Between college and grad school, I acted as preceptor in computer science, assisting with a handful of CS courses, including CS50, CS51, and CS61. This year, I’m excited to begin my fifth year of the PhD program in computer science here at Harvard, and I'm also excited for my fifth year as a freshman proctor in Thayer! I look forward to meeting you all! My door is always open.


Kari-Elle Brown

After 18 years in Florida, I traded flip-flops for parkas and moved to Massachusetts where I attended Amherst College to study Anthropology and Asian Studies. Years later, I still miss the palm trees but am so happy to call Cambridge home, together with my partner Eddie (also a proctor) and our dog Kimber. By day, I work as an Admissions Officer here at the College; but I moonlight as a sourdough bread baker and pizza fanatic, and I hope to share some baked goods with you all! Welcome to campus!

Nina Bryce

Nina Bryce

Director of Wellness and Self-Discovery

I received my Master of Divinity from Harvard Divinity School in 2019, focused in the Buddhist Ministry Initiative. In my field education placements, I trained in interfaith chaplaincy at the Brigham and Women's Hospital and in youth-focused mindfulness programs in the U.S. and abroad. I teach yoga and meditation at Harvard and in the wider community, and enjoy practicing mindfulness with teens and young adults through my work with Inward Bound Mindfulness Education. I am also a resident tutor at Mather House, where I live with my partner and a growing collection of house plants. I'm originally from North Carolina, and love hiking in the mountains, cooking, and dancing. In my role as the Director of Wellness and Self-Discovery, I lead Entryway Conversations, the First Year Retreat, and ongoing programming that supports students in cultivating well-being and connection to themselves and one another. I'm excited to meet the class of 2023 and to work with you this year!

Jesse Burbank Photo.

Jesse Burbank

Welcome to Harvard, Class of 2023! I'm thrilled to introduce you to life on campus. I was born in Quinter, Kansas (a small town in the west of the state), and I grew up moving across the world in a military family. I studied history, politics, and economics at the University of Kansas, and I’m now a third-year student at the Law School. Some interests of mine: political theory and history, elections, Star Wars. I hope you’ll use your time here to explore — to try new things, take risks, and face formative challenges. I’ll be here to help along the way!


Anna Burnham

Specialty Proctor for CARE
Hello, I’m Anna! I am currently a Master of Divinity student at Harvard Divinity School, where I’m studying women’s roles in religion, society, and politics through a social justice and community organizing lens. I grew up surrounded by lots of farms and cornfields in central Pennsylvania before graduating from Villanova University (outside Philly) in 2014. In the years after college, I worked as an organizer for various political campaigns and non-profit organizations in Portland, OR, Asheville, NC, and Washington, DC before finally settling here in Cambridge for graduate school. I have [too] many interests and enjoy talking with pretty much anyone about pretty much anything, but my true passions include: cooking, farmers’ markets, public theology, British period pieces, bike rides, really great cups of coffee, books, plants, and Villanova basketball.