Check-in and Course Selection

One of the most commonly asked questions by incoming students is, “How do I register for courses?” To learn more about the process of enrolling in courses, read below.


At the beginning of each term, students in the College are expected to complete a brief, online check-in process. The purpose of this exercise is threefold:

  1. To verify that the information the College has on file (e.g. official name, address, and parent contact information) is up-to-date and accurate.
  2. To check in and verify that the student is physically on campus.
  3. To enroll in MessageMe, the University’s emergency notification system.

Check-in is not the equivalent, however, of enrolling in classes. To select courses, students participate in the College-wide course selection week.

Course Selection Week

Each semester begins with course selection week, a period in which students are not formally enrolled in any classes; instead, students are able to visit an unlimited number of courses to decide in which four courses they wish to enroll. Colloquially known among students as “shopping period,” course selection week culminates with course registration (formerly, Study Card Day).

Course selection week can feel overwhelming, especially for students in their first term. Therefore, the DSO has prepared a video with advice and resources for thinking about course selections before and during shopping period.