Welcome First-Generation College and Low-Income Students!

Welcome to Harvard, and know how much we are looking forward to meeting you. We have an increasingly vibrant and diverse student body and we appreciate you being in our community. We have spent time learning from current and former students who attended under-resourced high schools, came from lower-income backgrounds, or were the first in their families to complete a four-year bachelor’s degree in the U.S. The Freshman Dean’s Office understands that these populations of students need trustworthy and consistent advocates to help navigate the complex landscape of elite education. We hope that you have a chance to get to know our First-Generation and Low-Income Student Advocate, Sa-kiera Hudson.

Tom Dingman, Dean of Freshmen

Meet Your Student Advocate 

Hello Kiera HudsonClass of 2021 and welcome to Harvard! My name is Sa-kiera Hudson, but please call me Kiera. As a first-generation college student with a lower-income background, I am excited to be the First-Generation and Low-Income Student Advocate to help you navigate Harvard. All students face road blocks and setbacks; I’m available to help guide you as you manage and overcome them. I am from Albany, NY, where I lived with my mom, brother, and sister, and attended public schools before leaving to study biology and psychology at Williams College. Now I am a freshman proctor in Matthews and a 4th year PhD student in social psychology at Harvard studying race, gender, sexual orientation and power.

How Can I Use the Student Advocate?

  1. Visit during Drop-In HoursDrop-in advising provides immediate access to Sa-kiera without making a prior appointment, for brief questions about academics, social life, personal concerns, or areas of interest.
  2. Schedule an appointment: For in-depth conversations, it is recommended that students make an appointment with Sa-kiera to meet either during her drop-in hours or another time. Please use the form below to arrange a time.
  3. Contact Sa-kiera: Complete this form to get in touch with Sa-kiera. She would love to hear from you!