Welcome First-Generation College and Low-Income Students!

Welcome to Harvard, and know how much we are looking forward to meeting you. We have an increasingly vibrant and diverse student body and we appreciate you being in our community. We have spent time learning from current and former students who attended under-resourced high schools, came from lower-income backgrounds, or were the first in their families to complete a four-year bachelor’s degree in the U.S. The Dean of Students Office understands that these populations of students need trustworthy and consistent advocates to help navigate the complex landscape of elite education. We hope that you have a chance to get to know our First-Generation and Low-Income Student Advocate, Tycie Coppett.

Meet Your Student Advocate 

Tycie Coppett

Hello Class of 2022!

My name is Tycie Coppett and I am honored to serve as your First-Year First-Gen and Low-Income Student Advocate. I understand firsthand the many challenges you face as you transition and navigate new spaces. I have worked to help students overcome these obstacles throughout my career. You are each uniquely equipped to contribute to this vibrant community and leave a blueprint for those who will follow in your footsteps. To know you are paving the way for future generations and you making history should be both motivating and empowering.

The most fulfilling work I have done in my career has always been with students from first-gen and amazing communities. My passion began as a math high school teacher in Clayton County Public Schools in Atlanta, Georgia, where I worked with economically disadvantaged students. It was there were I began to understand the power of educational resources and opportunities and how these shape the student experience and academic success. I went on to consult and work in multiple roles at a few different institutions whose student populations were predominantly first-generation and low-income. Over the years, my passion and commitment has never waned. Now, I am the Assistant Director of the Doctor of Education Leadership Program at the Graduate School of Education. I also serve as a first-year proctor of T4, better known as Thayer 4. I was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but spent a significant amount of time after undergrad in Atlanta, Georgia. First-generation college and low-income communities have always felt like home and I am happy that I have found my home here at Harvard.

Harvard is the place to cultivate your dreams and it is my hope that together we can make those dreams your reality. The world is waiting.



How Can I Use the Student Advocate?

  1. Visit during Drop-In HoursDrop-in advising provides immediate access without making a prior appointment, for brief questions about academics, social life, personal concerns, or areas of interest.
  2. Schedule an appointment: For in-depth conversations, it is recommended that students make an appointment to meet either during drop-in hours or another time. Please use the form below to arrange a time.
  3. Contact the Student Advocate: Complete this form. We would love to hear from you!